Zone Setup Strategies

Learn what strategies are available for creating an ad serving setup that is easy to maintain and suited to your situation.

Basic Approach: A zone for every ad space

The simplest approach to managing your zones is to create a single zone for every single advertising space on your publisher's site. You will then assign advertiser campaigns to individual zones, one by one. The advantage is that its very straightforward but it becomes cumbersome when managing larger websites. This method is best suited for small publisher sites.

Advanced Approach: Keyword targeted zones

A more dynamic approach is to employ a strategy similar to Google DFP's tag system. You create a single zone for each size of ad space on a website or app, and reuse the zone wherever that ad size appears. By using keyword targeting, you can simply add keywords to each page or section of your site to funnel the appropriate campaigns to. Read more about keyword targeting here ...

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