Zone properties

You can change how a zone responds to an ad request by editing its zone properties.

Editing zone properties

  1. Go to the relevant zone's dashboard (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher > Your Zone).
  2. Click on Edit Zone Properties on the right menu.

  1. Edit the properties as needed (see the table below for details on each property).

  1. Click Save.
You cannot edit the size of a zone once it has been created. If you require a different size other than an existing zone's dimensions, you must create a new zone. This restriction ensures that any existing zone assignments do not get inadvertently cropped or improperly displayed.

Zone Properties

Name The name of the zone, used in reporting and in AdButler's interface.
Unique delivery Whether or not all instances of the zone on one page should show the same ads.
Serving Priority The order of serving for each priority level. Fixed delivery assignments set to smooth delivery will always serve first.
Auto refresh How often a zone resfreshes during one page load. Fore more information, read Auto refreshing zones for ad rotation .
Responsive The responsive setting of the zone. For more information, read Making a zone responsive.
Click frequency Whether or not to limit the amount of clicks one IP address can generate.
Bid Floor When the zone is set for bidding, it will automatically reject ads whose bid is below this value.
Metadata Used when you want to add identifiers or other extra information about the zone. When you click Add New, two fields will appear. Enter a variable in the left field then enter the variable's value in the left field. You can then reuse those in other zones.

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