Setting up a custom domain

As part of AdButler's white label features, you're able to set a custom domain for both serving and access the dashboard. Custom domains are a great way to maintain your brand, whatever your situation.

Custom domain basics

AdButler allows you to set two custom domains: the Ad Serving Domain and the Admin Panel Domain. You do not need to set both if you want to use custom domains. Whichever one you do set, the steps are the same. As well, even after setting a custom domain you are still able to use the normal AdButler domains.

The Ad Serving Domain replaces the URL in your zone tag. It'll be surfaced everytime you generate a zone tag.

The Admin Panel Domain will be the new URL to access the AdButler dashboard. All user accounts will also be redirected through the new domain.

Please point your ad serving domain to

Please point your admin domain to

Please contact AdButler support regarding secure custom domains (https).

Setting your custom domain

The steps below are designed to apply to as many hosting providers as possible. If you're looking for steps specific to your host, you may find them in our integrations section.

  1. Open up the Settings page by clicking the settings option on the left hand side of your AdButler dashboard.
  2. Click the custom domains option beside Enable Custom Domains to unfreeze the text fields and type in the new domains. If you're only using one custom domain, leave the other field blank.
  3. Sign into your hosting provider and look for a Manage My Domains or similar name option. You should find a list of your domains when you open it.
  4. You now want to add a DNS Zone Record for your ad serving domain. Set the zone record to be a CNAME record, and add in the prefix you're using for your custom domain.
  5. Set the zone record for your Ad Serving Domain to point to and save your record.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, only for your Admin Panel Domain, and point the record to before saving your record.

It may take up to 48 hours for a domain change to take effect.

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