Updating AdButler's time zone

Your account's time zone changes how AdButler calculates a whole bunch of things. Luckily, updating your time zone is easy.

Changing your time zone

Any change you make to your time zone will affect all statistics and placements past and present. It's always best to make the change when you first set up your account.

To change your time zone you'll need to be logged in as the admin for the account. You can find a list of supported time zones here http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

  1. Open the settings panel by logging into AdButler and clicking the AdButler Settings option on the upper left hand corner of the Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the Time Zone field and type in your time zone which will populate a list matching your entry.
  3. Choose your timezone
  4. Click the Update Settings button to save your changes.

What your time zone effects

AdButler uses your account's time zone to calculate anything related to dates and time. Which means if your time zone is different from your own, or your client's, location, there can be some confusion about who's stats are more accurate. For instance, any impressions or clicks recorded around 11pm one day could show up at 2am in another time zone.

Time zone's are also used to calculate scheduling settings, like smooth delivery and date quotas.

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