How to change your subscription

As our pricing is based on ad requests, you may need to either upgrade or downgrade your subscription based on your needs. Follow these steps to submit an upgrade or downgrade request to our support team. You can also follow these steps to add new features to your subscription.

How to submit a change in subscription request

  1. Log into your admin account at
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom of the left navigation menu. The Settings page will appear.

  1. Click on Subscription Plans. Your subscription details will appear.
  2. Click on Change My Plan. To adjust your monthly allowance of ad requests, click on Edit request amount. You can also check or uncheck the options on the right to further customize your subscription.

  1. Click on Send Upgrade Request.

Your account will be updated within one business day, and you will be notified via email once your account has been upgraded or downgraded.

You must submit an upgrade or downgrade request prior to the end of your billing cycle for the request to be honored for that month.

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