Statistics in AdButler

How to use AdButler's statistics tool to track your ads performance.

By running your ad through our servers, AdButler is able to extensively track the performance of them. Our statics are visible at multiple levels, from a per-ad item basis to an overall publisher or advertiser view.

AdButler also has the ability to run custom reports on statistics, a powerful tool that allows to see exactly how your ads are doing and export the data as a CSV. You can find the guide here.

The definitions for these terms can be found in our Ad Serving Glossary and VAST Tracking Events.

General Statistics

AdButler tracks the follow statistics on everything except VAST video ads:

General Statistics

VAST Statistics

The VAST 2.0 standard we use provides its own unique statistics, which we track on a per Zone basis. The graph allows you to select a variety of criteria on the side and see how it changes.

VAST Statistics

Click Through Statistics

When looking at the Zone or Campaign level you can look at individual clicks and find their unique information.

Click Through Details

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