Statistics in AdButler

How to use AdButler's statistics tool to track your ads performance.

By running your ad through our servers, AdButler is able to extensively track the performance of them. Our statics are visible at multiple levels, from a per-ad item basis to an overall publisher or advertiser view.

AdButler also has the ability to run custom reports on statistics, a powerful tool that allows us to see exactly how your ads are doing and export the data as a CSV. You can find the guide here.

The definitions for these terms can be found in our Ad Serving Glossary and VAST Tracking Events.

Statistics Reports

Statistics Reports are available under Statistics on the left-hand side of your AdButler dashboard. Once you have clicked on this, you will be able to view your Saved Reports and create a new report.

New Report

When creating a new report, you can select the area that you would like the report on, such as your zones, campaigns, publishers, advertisers, etc. You can then filter through and find exactly which campaigns, zones, and ad items you would like to have displayed on your reports. Once you have completed the necessary filtering, you will be able to select the dates that your report will be based on. You can now hit Generate Report on the right-hand side of your screen.

The Time Zone will be set to your accounts default Time Zone unless otherwise specified in the Dates portion of your New Report.

Summary for Ad Items

Now that you have generated your new report, you will be able to view your statistics table.


An impression is counted when the AdButler servers receive a request to show an ad.

Eligible Impression

An eligible impression is counted when our servers have returned an ad back to your site or app.

Viewable Impression

A viewable impression is counted when the user scrolls down to see the ad (requires JavaScript or JSON)



An action was taken on the ad, other than an impression or click. This usually involves downloading or installing.

Click Through Rate

The average of how many times the ad was clicked on.

Conversion Ratio

The average percentage of conversions on a single ad.

You can also download your reports as CSV or schedule your reports to be emailed to you regularly.

Click-Through Details

You can also explore your Click-Through Details with AdButler. On the left-hand side of your dashboard under Statistics, you'll be able to see your Publishers and Advertisers. You can click on your Publishers and Adverisers to expand them to show each individual zone and campaign. Once you've found your zone or campaign you can then expand further to show the Click-Through Details option. Here, you can view or download your Click-Through Details.

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