Setting a default or house ad

A default or house ad is a catchall set in AdButler to display when no other ad item can. These ads are very useful for selling the ad spot directly or when you are tapping into programmatic sources and want to make sure failed auctions still receive an ad.

Creating a default ad

Default ads are set on a per zone basis, and can be either a campaign or an ad item added directly to the zone. A successfully set default ad will serve when no other placement can. Even if the default ad is paused, it will still show if nothing else can.

Setting a default ad does not cause the ad to ignore its schedule. Rather, a default ad can be thought of having two schedules, its defined one and a second, last resort schedule. If you only want a default ad to show when no other ads can, it's best to disable the ad by clicking the Status button.

How to a set default ad

  1. Create the ad item or assign the campaign to the proper zone.
  2. Go to the zone where you assigned the default ad or campaign.
  3. Select the placement you will be using as Default by checking off the box beside it.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the placement list and click the Default button.
  5. There will now be a Default Ad marker beside the designated placement.

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