Serving ads to an email zone

E-mail zones are configured to serve image ad items directly to e-mail newsletters. They cannot be used to serve any other type of ad as most e-mail readers will block any additional code.

How to setup and serve ads to an E-Mail Zone

  1. Navigate to the Publisher of your choice and click on "Add New..." under zones.
  2. Click Email Ad Zone, naming and choosing a size appropriately
  3. Click "Create".
  4. Click on the newly created Email Zone
  5. Create a new Email Ad Item by clicking on +Add New under Email Ad Items. OR assign a previously made Campaign. Read about creating an image ad item ...
  6. On the Email Zone page, click "Get Zone Tags".
  7. Inside the Zone Tag window, locate the "Email User ID Macro" field near the top of window. In order to properly track clicks and impressions for the ad item, the field must have with a uniqueID macro in it. The number can be generated yourself, or may be provided by your email template provider. The macro assigns each email a unique ID, allowing AdButler to properly track the ad item.
  8. Copy the zone tags, and place them into your email template. The ad item will now serve whenever you send out an email.

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