Serving 3rd-Party Ad Tags

3rd Party Ad Tags are used when you have a 3rd-party source for advertisements such as an exchange or another ad server.

In order to successfully implement 3rd-party Ad Tags in AdButler, you need to insert a tracking link macro into the ad tag provided by the 3rd party otherwise statistics will not be tracked in AdButler. Your ads will serve without them, but you won't log any impressions or clicks.

Always consult with your 3rd Party Ad Tag provider to know where you need to insert AdButlers tracking macros and whether you need to use a basic TRACKING_LINK or TRACKING_LINK_ENCODED macro.

How to implement a 3rd-party ad tag in AdButler:

  1. Get the 3rd Party Ad Tag, ensuring it contains a destination URL.
  2. Edit the tag to insert the AdButler tracking macro within.
  3. In the Advertiser Standard Campaign or Standard Zone you want to serve the tag to, click on "Add New..." under ad items.
  4. Select "Custom HTML / 3rd Party Tags" from the Ad Item Type list.
  5. Specify a name for the ad.
  6. Leave the "Destination URL" field blank.
  7. In the "Raw HTML/Script" field, paste in the 3rd Party Ad Tag.
  8. Adjust any other assignment settings you require and click "Save".

When your campaign is assigned to a zone and your zone tags are properly placed on your page, the 3rd-party tag will now serve.

In the event that a 3rd-party is unable to deliver an ad, you can create a passback tag that will help you direct your request to another advertising source and avoid displaying a blank ad space. Read more about creating passbacks ...

An example of a 3rd-Party Ad Tag with included tracking link macros:

3rd Party Ad Items

For Google AdSense Users: When obtaining Zone tags that link to Google AdSense ads, please use only regular JavaScript tags. Using iframes or asynchronous JavaScript tags is a violation of Google's policies, and can get your AdSense account banned. Also be sure to refrain from using the "Preview" button in AdButler with AdSense ads. 3rd Party Ad Servers (including AdButler) can only track impressions for Google AdSense ads. External click tracking for Google AdSense is a violation of Google's policies and is not available. Google AdSense does however track the clicks.

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