Manual tracking links

What are manual tracking links?

Manual tracking links are URLs specific to a placement that allow you to manually count an impression or a click. Manual tracking links are also known as pixels.

Normally, an impression is tracked in AdButler when an ad is served to a website, and a click is tracked when a user clicks the ad and is redirected through AdButler's servers. Manual tracking links are an addition to that process. They can be loaded at any time, and each load will register one click and one impression respectively.

Some situations that might call for manual tracking links:

  • Tracking an affiliate program
  • Recording your creative's performance in another ad server.
  • Implementing your own viewability system.

Impressions recorded using manual tracking links will count towards your monthly ad requests.

Using manual tracking links

  1. Open the zone that contains the placement you want to track. It may be hidden underneath its parent publisher in the navigation tree.
  2. Select the placement you want to track to open its assignment page. The assignment page is where you set a placement's schedule, such as its weight or quota.
  3. Click the Manual Tracking Links button to show the links for that placement.
  4. Select whether you want the click tracking link to redirect people to the destination of the placement or not.
  5. Copy the View Tracking Pixel and Click Tracking Link and save them to a document.
  6. Distribute the links to whomever needs them so they can integration them into their platform. In most instances, this involves loading the view tracking pixel as an image on the page in question, and redirecting users through the click tracking link.

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