How to Assign Campaigns to Zones or Channels

Once your campaign is created, you can assign it to a zone or channel to start serving ads.

Assign Campaign

How to assign a campaign to a zone or channel

  1. Navigate to the advertiser Campaign that you want to assign.
  2. Click the Assign to Zone button below "Zone Assignments" table or "Assign to Channel" below "Channels" table
  3. Select the Zone or Channel you would like to assign the campaign to.
  4. Setup your assignment details. Read more about assignments...
  5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Some things to keep in mind when assigning a campaign:

  • There must be at least one banner added to a campaign before it can be assigned.

  • You will only be able to assign a campaign to a zone of the corresponding type. Read more about campaign types ...

  • Channels are not visible if you have not created one. Read more about channels...

  • You can assign a campaign to any channel, but it will only be selected to serve if you have included a zone included that accepts that campaign type.

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