Geographic and location targeting

Geographic targeting in AdButler allows you to serve an ad directly to a demographic. A viewer is targeted based on their IP, and depending on their region, can be targed down to the city level.

How geographic targeting works

AdButler's geographic targeting system works by first creating a target and then assigning it to a ad item or campaign's schedule. The target can either be inclusive or exclusive, and may include multiple geographic zones.

At any point you can go to the targets dashboard to see all created geographic targets. You can also change and delete existing targets from there.

A geographic target is treated as required for all placements. If a viewer doesn't match the target, the ad cannot be served.
Our IP database is run by maxmind, and you can check where an IP shows up using their website.

Creating a geographic target

  1. Navigate to the Targets section of the AdButler dashboard.
  2. Click the Manage Geographic Targets button.
  3. Click the Add New button to move to the target creation screen.
  4. Name the target and select whether it is an inclusive or exclusive target.
  5. Optionally, give the target a radius. The target radius only works
  6. Select the locations you would like to target by clicking the check box beside the target, and click the plus signs to expand to sub targets.
  7. Click the Save Target button to finish creating your target. >An inclusive target looks for viewers within the geographic areas, while an exclusive target looks for viewers outside the geographic area.

Assigning a geographic target

A geographic target is assigned using the targeting section of the assignment page. Any created targets will show up in a drop down and may be selected. You can read more about assigning targets in our assignment page article.

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