Financial settings

The Financial tab located on the assignment page allows you to attach financial values to the performance of an assignment. These values can be associated with a metric or as a fixed cost for the overall assignment, and will be used to calculate the revenue generated by the ad.

If the assignment uses fixed delivery, a CPM advertiser rate can be manually set.

Rate options

For assignments with auction based delivery, the CPM rate is set in the bid price. Rate options for auction based assignments

To get a full breakdown of your revenue statistics by campaign, click on "Statistics Reports" in the left hand toolbar.

Advertiser Rates

You can choose how you want your revenue to be tracked. By default there are no financial values associated with the assignment. You can choose between the rates for various metrics, or a fixed rate for the assignment by clicking on the appropriate checkbox. If fixed is selected, it will override other rates. Your selected financial values will be reflected in Statistics.

An account administrator can change the default currency used for revenue statistics in the "AdButler Settings" menu accessed using the dropdown menu beside your avatar and account name.


Selecting a "Rate" based pricing model attaches an amount to the Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), and the Cost Per Action (CPA) metric tracked by the system. For example, a CPM rate of $5.00 means that for every 1000 ad requests, a value of $5.00 would be added to the revenue of the assignment. Similarly, CPC and CPA have a direct 1:1 ratio to the values entered in the input box. For example, with a CPC rate of $0.50, a value of $0.50 would be added to the revenue for the assignment for each click.

Custom rates


"Fixed" rate pricing assigns a specific value to an assignment. For example, if an advertiser was paying you $450 to run their advertisement on your website for a month, you could place that amount here. A fixed rate overrides any CPM, CPC, CPA rate.

Fixed rate

Publisher Payout

Publisher Payout can be used to modify the financial statistics that appear when logged into the system as a publisher. Publisher payout is ideal for situations similar to profit sharing, where the revenue is split between money earned by the administrator and money earned by the publisher.

There are four options for publisher payout; None, Publisher Default, Revenue Share, and Custom Rate. When “None” is selected, we will not calculate a financial value for the publisher. When “Publisher Default” is selected, we populate the form with the default payout method and values from the publisher properties.

Payout options

When “Revenue Share” is selected, you can select the metrics you want to apply a percentage payout to, or a percentage of the fixed rate.

Revenue share

When “Custom Rate” is selected, you can select the metrics you want to apply a custom rate to, or a specific fixed rate for the publisher.

Custom payout rate

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