Creating an image Ad item

A simple tutorial showing you how to set up the most commonly used ad item types.

Creating an image ad item

  1. Open up the campaign or zone where you want to add a custom HTML ad item.
  2. Name the ad item by filling in the field. The name is only used for statistical purposes and isn't displayed with the ad item.
  3. Enter the Destination URL for the ad when it is clicked. This is optional.
  4. Set the Image source for the ad item. This what will be displayed as the graphic or creative part of the ad item. You can either use an image hosted somewhere, or one you've uploaded to your media library
  5. Set the Display SIze for the ad item. You can choose from a variety of preset dimensions or enter your own.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save any changes you made. If adding the ad item directly to a zone, you'll also need to set the schedule for the ad item on this screen

Image Ad items

Optional fields during ad item creation

Destination URL The URL users will go to if they click the ad item.
Target Window How the ad item will direct the user if it's clicked. Recommended to leave on New.
Alternate Text The alt text tied to the image. Used to describe the ad item for people employing a screen reader.
Tracking pixel The URL of an impression tracking pixel.
Accompanied HTML HTML that is included directly below the ad item. Cannot be used to deliver scripts.

Things to know

  • Image ad items can interact with a zones responsive settings to resize based on where the ad is delivered.
  • You do not need to include a Destination URL with an ad item but if there is no destination URL, the ad item will not be clickable.

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