Creating a user login for your Publisher

Publisher sub-user accounts are a great way to bring value to customers and save you time. Letting a publisher manage their spot, or even just look at their own stats, is easy to set up in AdButler. Read more about AdButler user accounts here...

Using publisher user accounts

Publisher user accounts can be customized to change what publishers have access to. All preferences are set at the time of account creation and can be changed at any time.

A publisher user account is specific to that publisher. They're unable to see the statistics for any other publisher or to see the campaigns and channels that their zones are assigned to. All publisher user accounts can run their own statistics and retrieve zone tags. They can also maybe be able to add ad items to their zones, depending on the preferences for the account.

When a publisher account is first created, an autogenerated password is assigned. You can change this password at anytime, and also give the publisher the ability to change their password. When a publisher logs in their version of AdButler will reflect the white label settings for your account.

Publishers, like all user accounts, login with the dashboard URL particular to your account. You'll find it on the publisher page under the description.

Setting up a publisher user account

  1. Open up the publisher you want to assign the account to by clicking on their name on the left hand side of the dashboard.
  2. Click the Edit Publisher Properties button to bring up the publisher options.
  3. Check the Optional user access box if it isn't already.
  4. Enter an email and a password for the account.
  5. Choose the privileges for the publisher user account by checking off the boxes beside each privilege.
  6. Click the Save button to finish creating the user account.

Publisher user account privileges

Allow this publisher to change his/her password Lets publishers change their password in case they forgot. Publishers will receive the new password from an email address.
Allow this publisher to approve/deny ads assigned to its zones Opens up an interface for the publisher to approve or deny individual ads in a zone. The user account can only see ad items assigned directly to the zone, and not ad items within assigned campaigns.
Give this publisher administrator privileges Gives the publisher access to a dashboard similar to what the admin user sees. Allows the publisher to create and upload ads to a zone, as well as delete ads and build a custom placement for that ad. They can also change the settings for a zone and retrieve conversion tags.

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