Creating a Popup ad

To create a popup ad, you will need to create a unique ad item under the Popups table and then set the interval for displaying the popups by using "Edit Zone Properties" button.

A Popup can be an Image, Flash, Quicktime, and Raw HTML / 3rd Party format.

1. Add a New Popup:

From your desired publisher zone, select the + Add New button under the Popups category.


2. Select the Popup Type:

Select the Popup Type (Image, Flash, Quicktime or Raw HTML/Script)


3. Complete the Ad Item Setup:

Complete the ad item setup as you would a normal ad item within AdButler. You may notice some small variations from a regular ad item, such as Popup title, Position and Size. The Popup title is the text at the top of the browser window that the ad item will be displayed in, while the position indicates whether the ad will display above or below the existing page and lastly the size indicates the size of the browser window that will appear.


4. Edit the Zone Properties

Click the Edit Zone Properties button of the current zone to set the frequency at which they will appear.


5. Set the Popup Period.

To the right of "popup period" you will set how many impressions - or page views - until the popup actually appears). based on how often you want your popup to appear. If you want your popup to appear every time the page is loaded, you would set the Popup period to "1".


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