Auto refreshing zones for ad rotation

Setting an auto refresh rate allows a zone to rotate through the ads assigned in your zone at regular intervals without refreshing the entire page.

You can set the time interval between refreshes and set a maximum number of times the zone will refresh. When the page is refreshed, the auto refresh counter will reset and start again.

By default, auto refresh is disabled.

Turning on unique delivery with auto refresh is recommended if you want to make sure that an ad appears only once per page load. [Read more about Unique Delivery here.] (
Zone refreshing is widely debated as an ad serving strategy and it is important that you use it with strong consideration. If zones are refreshed too frequently or indefinitely with the intent of driving up impressions, it could be considered a fraudulent serving practice.

How to setup "Auto Refresh"

  1. Navigate to the zone within AdButler that you wish to have your ads refresh.
  2. Click on "Edit Zone Properties" on the right hand side of the dashboard.
  3. Next to "Auto refresh" enter the time interval between refreshes and the maximum amount you would like it to refresh.
  4. Click "Save"
Please note that every time a zone is refreshed, it counts as one ad request.

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