AdButler's Ad Network Features

Many of our most successful customers use AdButler's technology to fuel their ad networks. If you have direct connections to advertisers and a growing network of publishers you manage, our ad network features are designed for you!

AdButler is often used by Ad Networks to broker between publishers and advertisers ensuring that the demand for inventory is maximized. We are also used by the companies solely on the Publisher side of ad serving (people with websites looking to serve and rotate ads and track statistics), or on the Advertiser side (giving tags to track an ad to another Publisher).

Our ad serving technology features include audience targeting, impression quotas, and tracking revenue metrics.

Additional network features include white-label branding (including logos, colours, and custom domains for ad serving and admin panel access, exporting of custom reports and statistics, and unlimited user logins for individual Publisher, Advertiser and Manager Accounts. Creating separate accounts allow you to grant limited access across various sections and features to your clients and staff.

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