Viewability is an additional metric that we track on top of total impressions that measures how long an ad is displayed on screen after it has been served to a publisher zone, and then records it as "viewable" if it meets the minimum threshold for time on screen.

The minimum threshold for viewability is defined as at least 50% of the pixels in an advertisement being displayed in the viewable space of a user's browser (on an in-focus browser tab) for at least one second.

Viewability is becoming a standard metric for ad performance and provides a range of benefits:

  • Increases transparency and trust with your advertisers
  • Better insight into how your ads are performing and whether users are viewing them
  • Indicate opportunities for site content optimization if ads are not being recorded as viewable

How to see viewability stats.

Viewability can only be tracked on Standard Zones using Asynchronous Javascript OR Javascript zone tags.

When viewability is enabled, it will be active for all publishers and applicable zones in your account. Viewability stats. are shown next to each Ad item and Campaign assigned to a Standard zone.

For any campaigns that have previously recorded impressions, there will be a discrepancy between total impressions and viewability statistics in the interface. To get a one-to-one comparison, you will need to create a report with a specific timeframe selected or track viewability on new campaigns.

Viewability Stats

What the new viewability metrics mean:

Total Impr. An impression is logged whenever a zone tag makes a request for an ad and AdButler's servers respond.
Eligible An eligible impression is recorded when the ad is successfully rendered to the page. This will only include types of ads that are able to be measured for viewability.
Viewable A viewable impression is recorded when an ad is displayed in the user's viewport and meets the iAB criteria for a viewable impression. See above for details.
Viewable Rate This metric shows you the percentage of Viewable impressions out of all Eligible impressions.

Creating a Statistics Report for Viewability

Reports for viewability can be generated in the same way as any other report by enabling the viewability checkboxes in your settings dropdown of the Statistics Reports page.

Viewability Reporting

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