SSL and secure domains

Sometimes when working with a partner or developer, they'll ask you for secure or SSL tags. AdButler supports these out of the box, and setting it up is super easy.

How secure websites work

For a website to be secure means it encrypts all the data it sends out. Encrypting data stops other programs or devices from listening and copying that data. An simple version of this is when filling in an internet form with personal details.

When you access the website on your computer, you're actually on a copy of the website that was downloaded to your computer. After you fill out the information in the form, that information is sent back to the website, which will respond with some sort of message (usually another webpage).

If you aren't on a secure website, anyone else on the same internet network as you could pontentially look at the information you're sending and create a copy of it. Being on a secure website means that this data is encrypted before it's sent out so only the website can understand it.

Although we're using the word secure, it can also be called: * SSL * HTTPS * Certificate * Protocol

The kicker with secure websites is that everything on the website needs to be secure, including the ads.

When to use secure tags

If you are trying to put your zone tags on a secure website, you will need to use the secure version of those tags. As well, if you're using resources that aren't hosted with AdButler (like images hosted elsewhere or third-party ad tags) you will need to make sure they are hosted securely as well. When working with secure tags, everything needs to be secure.

The most common outcome of not using secure tags when you need to is your ads not showing up on the page. If your ads have disappeared, always check to see if your tags are secure, and if the external resources are secure as well. Because of this outcome, we recommend always using secure zone tags if you can.

How to generate secure zone tags

  1. Navigate to the specific zone you want to get tags for.
  2. Click the blue Get Zone Tags button on the top right-hand side.
  3. Check the Use Secure Tags (https) box to make the tags secure.
  4. Highlight the zone tag in the box and copy them, or use the field to email the zone tags.

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