Basic conversion tracking

How does it work?

AdButler's basic conversion tracking is cookie-based. When a user clicks on one of your ad items, we add a cookie to their browser that will tell AdButler if that user ends up successfully completing a conversion.

However, a user clicking on a ad item is not enough to know whether they've successfully converted, AdButler still needs to know when the actual conversion has taken place. To do this, we add a snippet of code (called a conversion tag) to signal when the conversion has happened. When the conversion tag is loaded, AdButler will check if the tracking cookie is present, and if it is, a conversion is then logged in AdButler.

A conversion tag should be placed on the page that loads AFTER a conversion is completed, such as a thank you or confirmation page.

Getting the conversion pixel

You can find the conversion pixel for your account by going to any one of your AdButler zones. On the right-hand side, the second button from the top is labeled "Get Conversion Tags", and will open up a dialog box containing your conversion pixel. It will look something like this:

<!-- [conversion] -->
<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" />

Tracking Conversion Values and Transactions

You can track additional statistics through our conversion pixel by adding additional query parameters to the img src, to track Product ID, Transaction Value and Conversion Value.

These parameters are:


As an example, if we wanted to pass in a Product ID of 1234, with a Transaction ID of 001 and a value of 99, our conversion tag may look like this

<!-- [conversion] -->
<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" />

Things to remember

  1. Modern cookies will be set either secure or non-secure. Due to this, the protocol of your ad tags will have to match that of your conversion tag. If you are using secure ad tags, make sure you use secure conversion tags.

  2. Our system will only drop one cookie per user. This means that if someone clicks more than one of your ads, the older ones will be replaced, and only the latest one will remain. Only the most recent ad click will be attributed to the conversion.

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