Setting up affiliate tracking

Below are the general steps for creating a basic affiliate link in AdButler. You may want to follow these steps to track affiliate links on a website such as Facebook.

Our method will allow you to track clicks, but not impressions. If you are using Facebook, this is a limitation of Facebook's policies.
  1. In the Advertiser Campaign or Zone of your choosing, click on "Add New..." under ad items.
  2. Select "Image Ad Item" from the Ad Item Type list.
  3. Specify a name for the ad, as all ad items need names.
  4. Specify a "Destination URL", where you want the ad item to send a user after a click. This can be left blank.
  5. Enter the location of a placeholder image (or select from Media Library). The image could be representative of the advertiser and campaign for your reference
  6. Set the target window to "new".
  7. Configure the other settings and save.
  8. Assign the campaign to an applicable Publisher's zone (if you created the ad item in a campaign and not a zone).
  9. On the Zone page, click "Get Zone Tags".
  10. Place this zone tag code in a closed environment, such as a development website or local HTML document.
  11. Open the page and right-click and select "Copy Link Address" on the creative. Use this link in your Facebook post or elsewhere to track clicks. You can also use conversion tags, available from the zone page, to achieve a similar effect.

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