About zones

A zone represents the space on a Publisher's website that you are serving ads to. There are multiple strategies for making use of them, and depending on the type of ad you are serving, you'll use a different zone for specific situations. Read more about zone setup strategies...

To serve ads to a zone, you can:

  • create ad items directly inside a zone
  • assign advertiser campaigns
  • assign to a channel (you must have a channel created in order to do this)
  • create a popup (similar to creating an ad item inside a zone but allows more options)

After you have created a zone, you will copy a small chunk of code and paste that within the HTML document where the zone exists. Read more about retrieving zone tags ...

How a Zone Works

Publisher Zones

An empty publisher zone

Publisher Zone

We recommend that you only create a ad item directly inside a zone for in-house or fallback ads. Read more here ...

How to create a zone

  1. Open the Publisher who you want to add the zone to. You may need to expand the publisher tree by clicking the + beside Publishers on the left-hand side.
  2. Click the Add New button to bring up the zone creation menu.
  3. Select which type of publisher you would like to make.
  4. Enter the Name of the zone and, if applicable, the Size. You can either enter a custom size or use a predefined one.
  5. Click the Save button to finish making the zone.

Different zone types

You'll need to make a zone that matches the ad item or campaign type that you want to serve.

Standard Zone The most common zone type. Used for serving image ads (jpg,png, or gif), HTML/Rich-media, Flash or 3rd Party Scripts
Text Ad Zone Used for serving basic text and hyperlink ads with inline CSS styling.
VAST Ad Zone Used for serving VAST video ads to display in a VAST compliant video player.
Email Ad Zone A standard zone that is optimized for serving image-based ads in emails or newsletters.

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