About zone tags

A Zone Tag is a short snippet code that is placed on a Publisher's website that is used to serve ads to that particular placement. If you are responsible for managing your Publisher's AdButler setup, you will need to copy each zone tag and deliver them to your Publisher so that they can paste them in the appropriate location in their HTML for each page.

Alternately, you can create a user login for your Publisher and grant them permissions to allow their developer to login and retrieve the zone tags themselves. Read more about creating a user login for your Publisher ...

How to generate zone tags

  1. Navigate to the publisher zone you want to get tags for.
  2. Click the blue Get Zone Tags button on the top right-hand side.
  3. Configure the zone tag using the options.
  4. Highlight the zone tag in the box and copy them, or use the field to email the zone tags.

If you make any changes to your zone tag settings, any tags that are currently in use for that zone may not function properly. You will need to update any zone tags that are currently placed once changes are made.
For more information on Zone Tags and which Zone Tag would be best for you to use, feel free to visit the "Types of Zone tag" help guide here.

Zone tag settings

Type The type of method you want to deliver ads to this zone. Different zone tags are needed depending on the situation, you can read about each type here...
Click Macro If you're distributing your tags through a third party and they want to track clicks, you will place their macro here.
Protocol Set whether the tag generated is secure or non-secure. Unless you are using a custom domain, we recommend using secure tags.
Include fall-back Allows you to include a fall-back static image incase JavaScript is disabled by the user. Note: when a fall-back is used, it is not guaranteed to track properly.
Extra data Any extra functions that you wish to include in the destination URL of the ad item. The data entered here will replace the [EXTRA_CLICK_DATA] macro.

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