About targeting

AdButler allows you to target your ad items or campaigns at specific users based on preset criteria. Our targeting dashboard is easy to use, while our keyword targeting allows you to aim your ad based on an infinite criteria!

How targeting works

Targeting allows you to set a campaign or a ad item to look for specific criteria in a zone. When the zone is placed onto a web page, AdButler will check to see if the criteria is met, and if it is, improve the ad's place in the zone auction.

Adbutler has three categories of targets: Geographic, Platform, and Keyword. Geographic and platform target both make use of the preset targets, while keyword targets are created on a per assignment basis.

The targets dashboard

The targets dashboard allows you to create preset targets, such as specific cities or all mobile devices, which can be used over and over. Targets made in the dashboard will look at information passed about the user's location and device to figure out if they meet the requirements.

How to assign a target

  1. Navigate to the assignment page of the ad item or campaign you're working with.
  2. Scroll down to Targeting and expand the tab.
  3. Use the dropdown next to Geographic or Browser & OS to choose a premade target, or set a keyword for AdButler to match against.
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the assignment page.
You can edit an existing campaign or ad item assignment at any time to add or edit targets.

Different types of targeting


Geographic targets look at the IP of the user to determine if they fall in the right area. A geographic target is made in the target dashboard, and allows you to pick multiple locations which, depending on the country, can be as specific as the city level.

You can read more about geographic targeting here...


Platform targeting allows you to target users on devices. You can target multiple devices at once, such as all mobile devices, or only one kind, such as the iPhone 7. Platform targets are made in the target dashboard.

You can read more about platform targeting here...

Keyword targeting

A keyword target is a word or phrase AdButler will look for on the page. Usually, the keyword is passed to AdButler through the window.abkw JavaScript variable. AdButler will look for any word, which leads to some very powerful custom implementations. For instance, you can use keyword targets to only show ads to non-paying members of your website.

You can read more about keyword targeting here...

Keyword targeting can be a very powerful feature for creating dynamic ad serving setups. We encourage you to read through all our keyword articles to learn more about all the different approaches.

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