About publishers

A publisher is the website or app to which you are serving ads. This guide will teach you the basics of publishers, how to manage publishers, and the optional features that let you customize your publisher setup.

You will learn:

  1. How publishers and zones work.
  2. How to access and use the publisher dashboard.
  3. How to access and use the optional publisher properties.

Publishers and zones

For each publisher, you can create zones, which represent the available advertising spaces available on their website or app.

Each zone links an advertising space and the ad or ads ads assigned to that zone in AdButler. When a user visits your publisher's website, it triggers an ad request from that zone. AdButler responds by delivering an advertisement to display on that page. Zones also define what kind of ad - image, HTML5, video, etc. - and what size of ads can be displayed in a particular space.

For more information on zones, read About zones.

The Publisher dashboard

The publisher dashboard (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher) lets you view the publisher's overall performance (i.e. impressions and clicks within a period) and manage its zones. You can also edit the publisher's properties to change their name, change its payout scheme, and create a publisher account that can be used to log in to the dashboard.

How to Create a Publisher

  1. Click Publishers on the left navigation menu to go to the Publishers section.
  2. Click Add New. The New Publisher page will appear.
  3. Enter a name for the publisher.
  4. Click Create Publisher.
See Optional publisher properties for information on Default Payout and activating User Login Access.

How to delete a publisher

  1. Click Publishers on the left navigation menu to go to the Publishers section.
  2. Click on the checkbox beside the publisher(s) you would like to delete.
  3. Click Delete at the bottom of the Publishers table.
  4. Review the warning that lets you know this step cannot be undone. Click OK.

Optional publisher properties

AdButler provides comprehensive customization options for publishers. You can access these options by clicking Edit Publisher Properties on the right menu of a publisher's dashboard. Be sure to click Save Publisher whenever you activate or change an option.

Customizing Publisher Payout:

The Default Payout field lets you change the factors and the calculations used to determine the payment to the publisher.

There are four options for publisher payout: None, Rates (Custom), Revenue Share (Total), and Revenue Share (Custom).

  1. None - no default payout is set.
  2. Rates (Custom) - payout is determined by Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), and the Cost Per Action (CPA) metrics tracked by the system. For example, a CPM rate of $5.00 means that for every 1000 ad requests, a value of $5.00 would be added to the revenue of the assignment.
  3. Revenue Share (Total) - payout is determined by the percentage that will apply to the advertiser rate(s) set in the assignment. For example, a revenue share (total) rate of 12% means that if the advertiser rate was $1000, the publisher payout would be $120.
  4. Revenue Share (Custom) - payout is determined by specific revenue share percentages for CPM, CPC, and CPA, similar to how specific rates could be set with Rates (Custom).

Optional User Access

The User Login Access checkbox lets you add a user account for the publisher. The Publisher user can login via an email address and password and view the publisher's statistics. You can also grant the user certain management permissions, such as the ability to approve or deny ads assigned to the publisher's zones, or add or delete ad items and zones. For more information on user accounts, read AdButler User Accounts.

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