About Assignments

In order to serve a campaign or ad item in AdButler, you need to create an assignment that specifies how your ads will be served. The assignment includes settings such as how frequently an ad should serve when it should stop serving, what priority that ad receives against other ads, which audiences to target and any financial statistics to include as impressions or clicks are recorded.

You can create an assignment in two ways:

Ad Item Assignments

When you create an ad item directly inside of a Publisher zone, you will create an ad item assignment at the same time. The details specified in an ad item assignment are applied exclusively to that ad item.


Campaign Assignments

When you create an Advertiser campaign, you will first assign your campaign to a zone and then create the assignment. A campaign assignment is applied to all ad item items that exist inside of that campaign.

Each time you assign a campaign to a new zone, you must create a new assignment.


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