About Advertisers

An advertiser would be any source of advertisements that you are serving. This could be a person or company, an ad exchange (eg. AdSense, OpenX, etc.).

Advertisers are used to create campaigns and assign them to Publisher zones with a zone assignment. A campaign can be used to serve one or more image-based ads of the same size, or importing 3rd party ad tags when serving ads from an ad exchange.

Alternately, you can assign a campaign to a channel which will pool related campaigns and dynamically assign them to any Publisher zones that are included in that Channel. Channels are a helpful tool when you are creating an ad network. Read more [about channels ...]

When to create an advertiser

Any time you have a unique source of ads, you should create an advertiser. This allows you to assign their ads across multiple publishers and collect all their statistics in one place for reporting purposes.

You may also want to create multiple advertisers for a single source depending on the types of ads being served. For example, if you have an advertiser who mostly runs image-based ads, but then occasionally runs VAST video ads, you may want to create a separate advertiser to manage each ad type to simplify your reporting.

Creating an advertiser

  1. Click on the Advertisers option in the tree on the left hand side on the dashboard.
  2. Under the impression graph you should see an Add New button. Click that.
  3. Name the advertiser something distinct.
  4. (Optional) Create a user account for the advertiser.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
User accounts can always be setup or changed at a later time.

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